Business conditions of the e-shop and abide by thereinafter mentioned purchase rule as well as valid legislative and purchase customs.

1. Order of goods

Goods order

A client confirms obligation of his order and means agreement with the business conditions of e-shop and by sending an internet (e.g. also a written, an e-mail, a telephone and a fax) order of chosen goods. Sending the order is considered to be a suggestion of a purchase contract. If a client fills up an e-mail address correctly, a copy of order will be delivered to this e-mail as a confirmation of order registration to the order system of e-shop. If a copy of order is not delivered to the mentioned e-mail, please contact us as soon as possible. We always inform every client about receiving and the status of order by telephone as well, therefore it is important to put on telephone contact in compulsory fields.

Other possibilities of goods order

Also you can order goods by a telephone and a fax (the telephone numbers are mentioned in contacts on and or by e-mail (

The order is always considered to be obligatory for both sides, if it is not arranged differently.

Purchase contract rises at the moment of ordered goods taking-over by buyer. It is important to fill up every data and belongings in the form properly so that the order sent by mail is valid. The delivery place of goods is the delivery address mentioned in order form. Property right to the goods passes on buyer after its payment and taking-over.

2. Possibilities of payment and transport

Bank transfer to the account: 944024690227/0100 KB s.a. Havirov, for the Czech republic,
IBAN: CZ6701000000944024690227 SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX for other countries!
A client receives an invoice ( or according to the agreement a deposit invoice) with subsidiary variable symbol to make payment after choosing goods and sending the order. Time of production and shipping begins right after the total amount of money is received on the account of the seller.

We provide transport by cooperation with the company DPD and Czech Post.
  • The transport tax for the countries that are members of the EU is only 25 € for packages from 1 kg to 31,5 kg.
  • The transport tax for the Czech republic is 120,- CZK for packages from 1 kg to 31,5 kg.
  • We don’t charge a package tax.

3. Delivery of goods

Goods are made according to the orders of clients and are standardly expedited within 15-20 working days from ordering goods (goods are always made on order). Im Fall der nicht Verfügbarkeit der Ware oder längeren Lieferzeiten wird der Kunde immer telefonisch oder per Email informiert.

4. Guarantee and reclamation

All offered goods are standardly of high quality and we provide full warranty according to the valid legislative and guaranty conditions of producer.

5. Avoidance of purchase contract

According to the law a buyer-physical entity has the right to return goods (which are purchased through the e-shop) without information of reasons within 14 days from taking-over (delivery by DPD and Czech post). Goods can not to be damaged in any manner, have signs of use, magged, devalued by another way and have to be packed in original wrapping together with all equipment! You have to enclose all documents including invoice and certificate of warranty. Consequently we send to the client appropriate sum which will be reduced by full transporting charges and other arguable charges connected with sale of goods.

6. Cancellation of order

Cancellation of order on the part of buyer

If an order is received, goods were not expedited and an invoice was not covered (build-to-order was not started) ), you can cancel an order by a written registered letter (in case of need by an e-mail) within 5 days since reservation. In case of later cancel of order, and has a right for a compensation of the damage, firstly arguable charges connected with a production and an expedition of goods etc.

Cancellation of order on the part of seller

E-shops keeper has the right to cancel order or its part in case of expressive change of price. A client will be informed about cancellation of order without delay. If a client covered a value of ordered goods, we will return this sum by amount brought as soon as possible.

7. Keeper

Keeper of e-shops and
Martin Petrik, Kopernikova 390/5, 736 01 Havirov, Czech Republic
Ident. Nr.:67308929, VAT-Ident.-Nr.:CZ7706235207

8. Protection of personal datas

We respect the trust of our clients and we covenant that we will protect their datas which have been mentioned for realization of order (f.e.:name, address, telephone number, e-mail, bank account, ID, VAT-ID etc.) These datas are considered as discreet. Personal datas about clients will not be given to third party except those which participate in processing of clients order (bank and transporter). Datas will be given only in necessary range. A keeper uses datas only for common communication with client.

Validity: Prices are valid since 1.1.2013
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