Glass-work has a very long tradition in Czech republic and up to the present day „czech glass“ has a sounding name in the world. The glass-work has developed at the latest since the 13th century especially at the mountain areas of Jizerské mountains and Lužické mountains due to the locally accessible base materials.

Glass products from Czech republic are very sought out goods on the world market. Their choice is very wide, the most favourite are f.e. plumbic crystal, cut glass, glass draughtsmen, Christmas decorations, utilitarian glass and lustres.

The crystal is much more flashy, soundly resonant and more resistant than the best glassbecause its components are more noble. Czech crystal for example contains minimally 24% of plumbic oxide PbO according to the law. Production methods influence the quality of crystal as well and so not only the feed materials are chosen very attentively but also every level of production process is strictly checked. So-called lace decoratings belong to typical czech decoratings which clearly represent the czech lapidary school. A complicated labyrinth of hundreds and thousands of notches soft like a spider web, decorating different shapes products with perfect figures, is borned in hands of its creators below the grindstones. Products with a rich czech grinder are good signs of skill and feel for a hand work which can not be replaced with a machine. The result is perfect products admired at all continents.
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