Goods order

A client confirms obligation of his order and means agreement with the business conditions of e-shops keeper by sending an internet (f.e. also a written, an e-mail, a telephone and a fax) order of chosen goods. Sending the order is considered to be a suggestion of a purchase contract. If a client fills up an e-mail address correctly, a copy of order will be delivered to this e-mail as a confirmation of order registration to the order system of e-shop. If a copy of order is not delivered to the mentioned e-mail, please contact us as soon as possible. We always inform every client about receiving and the status of order by telephone as well, therefore it is important to put on telephone contact in compulsory fields.

Other possibilities of goods order

Also you can order goods by a telephone and a fax (the telephone numbers are mentioned in contacts on or by e-mail (

The order is always considered to be obligatory for both sides, if it is not arranged differently.

Purchase contract rises at the moment of ordered goods taking-over by buyer. It is important to fill up every data and belongins in the form properly so that the order sent by mail is valid. The delivery place of goods is the delivery address mentioned in order form. Property right to the goods passes on buyer after its payment and taking-over.
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